Memoires De Nice

by - 4:17 PM

[x] get sunburned [x] dance on tables and chairs in a club [x] talk to strangers and make 8 new friends [x] eat expensive ice cream [x] lay topless on the beach [x] make the steward laugh because you keep looking at him [x] spend your walk home with snapchat video spams for your friends [x] wear nothing but underwear all time at home [x] dink wine [x] go on a bike car ride with some guys you just meet [x] laugh your heart out

[x] be remembered by the pilot because you wore a hat [x] walk 17km a day in sandals and bikini  [x] only eat fruit, coffee, baguette & croissants [x] take the wrong train and end up in Monaco, when you wanted to go to Èze [x] telling people your wrong name to feel what it's like being someone else [x] finally win the looking-into-each-others-eyes-game-and-the-one-who-stares-longer-wins [x] walk everywhere everyday

[x] make people think you're a french woman [x] never even see your roommates [x] dance in a french club [x] keep in contact with locals [x] cry because you have to leave [x] find a codeword for speaking french when you meet Germans [x] laugh because you run out of toilet paper and the flush isn't working [x] SAY YES!

«Au premier voyage on découvre, au second on s'enrichit, au troisième on vit.»

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  1. das war so schön zu lesen, wow! :) ihr habt alles richtig gemacht, würd ich so von außen betrachtet sagen! <3

    1. Das freut mich, ja ich vermisse all diese kleinen Abenteuer :(

  2. Wow, das sieht nach einem sehr gelungenen Urlaub aus haha! Super schöne Fotos :)

    Love, Julia


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